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Friday, May 21, 2010


What I yet don’t understand is why does Bollywood do a merry go round everytime they make a film? They go roundabout in colourful circles and return to the same point. What is so new about 2 people realising they love each other and cheat on their respective fiancees and run away (thrashing their chances of inheriting millions for true love – double bah) leaving a scent deliberately to be found. Is this generation really this stupid? Love apart, there is a smarter way of eloping.

Kites is a dino’soar’us film based on a super cliche theme with a ludicrous close to the saga. A ‘what could have been a better’ film gone waste – good actors, beautiful locales, good direction, lovely cinematography, a svelte new heroine – all down the Bollywood drain…just coz the story was made like a Chinese Kite flying on an Indian manjaa – it will never bear the weight and there goes the film – snap!

The plot does get interesting in bits and pieces and the film is not a bad make, but after all that hoopla you do not want the film to fall flat in the end. Like Hrithik soaring downward into the waters, the film’s end too falls flat – nosediving the climax to a funny ending. No wonder people literally laughed and left the theatres even before the credits appeared.

Not trying to give the movie away – so though I did not like the way it all ended, I cannot say it’s completely a bad film – but nothing new to expect..its a typical love-story –cum- chase film…gets gripping at some places but no novelty.

Look out for a the good chemistry between Hrithik (he looks like a dream) and Barbara. Them falling in love without knowing each other’s language is a nice add but grossly underused in the film- what could have been one of the key plotpoints has been completely overlooked. Music is strictly okay – but the Spanish background score is decent and used well at places.

Action sequences are okay, but the texture of the film is inconsistent. The screenplay is good, but hey- where’s the story?

All I can say to the filmmakers is  - ‘ Go fly a Kite’. 2.5 on 5 for KITES.


  1. thanks for the heads up! definitely not worth spending the 1st week premium for :)

  2. The Producers should have either made an International Film for its Audiences or a typical bollywood film for the Indian Audiences. They tried to do both & somewhere something went wrong. Let's see, how the International version fares when it releases this May 28th.

    There were many things in the film that will not go down well with the typical Indian Movie goer like the sub-titles in English & Barbara Mori speaking in Spanish. The songs were also ok. Feel that the movie is made for the Urban Audience. Strictly OK Movie. Can see once in the theatre or even on DVD when it is out.


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