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Saturday, May 8, 2010

+or once i decded to try postig sumthung from my flashy new N97. it is soemthign else for a wrieter who tyupes at a sped of .. er... ok a very high speed, to be hoding the 6inch screen and trying to type with the same panache. with the finegrs falling all over the place n trying to keep pace with the pressure of posting this in nxtfive mins. coz i got a film to watxh now. so typos are forgiven. anyways its the sms age. plus v are quite hybrid at languages. wow igot tht right smiley. symbols r a pain to type in. ScoZ evry smiley is 4keys puunched in.SO tHEN OOpS THE CApS LoCK "bHAVES ABNORMAL.  NoW WHT DID I JUST PRESSS SHUXKS. SO tHATS  THT NW I GTG. ALL FOR THE wORLD. GOTO FIGURE THIS ONE OUT.MAN.

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