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Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 Secrets of Good Writing

What drives a writer to write? The greatest pleasure of writing is in the appreciation. But are we really doing good enough to earn their applause? Creativity without appreciation is like a word misspelt- it feels incomplete, it feels wrong. Passion is not the only thing BROKEN PENCIL needed to write nowadays. Neither is talent. It is the channelisation of these aspects, with a fine balance of a few secret ingredients which help in making your writing look good. Here are some secrets to Good Writing which I would like to share:

Secret #1: If you enjoyed writing it, your reader would enjoy reading it.

Secret #2: Write not with the heart, but with fire in the belly

Secret#3: Focus on adding value, not vocabulary

Secret#4: The right spirit is more important than the right language

Secret #5: Respect the language you are writing in. If you don’t like your name being spelt wrong, why spell any word wrong?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Hated Love Stories - A fugly film

I am much calmer now. I lost my balance (of kind) in the first precise 3 minutes of the film reeling.

If I have to describe this joke of a film, it would be ‘characterless’. It felt that the filmmakers got up every morning, decided the script for that day without a shower and set out to shoot. So much so that the film now reeks of narcissism. A mish-mash-mush of his own, and Yash Chopra’s, Farhan Akhtar’s erstwhile pink-red films, this unbearably hackneyed plot is a shocking revelation of Kjo’s low IQ on good stories.

What the film shows - Guy doesn’t believe in love, sees girl  likes her, girl is almost engaged to someone else, guy flirts with her, she falls for him, he is confused, she is heartbroken, decides to get married to the original fiancee, he realises overnight he loves her, rushes to tell her, she is now confused, decides to turn down her fiancee and finally the 2 meet. I think except in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kal Ho Na Ho, Hum Tum, Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai, Dil Chahta Hai, Dilwale Dulhaniya, Dil to Pagal Hai and just a few hundred dozen other films, we haven’t seen a story so enchanting elsewhere. And of course, the yummy mummy who rescues the adult sonny from dopes of depression with an emoshioanlly touching ‘go-get-her’ filibuster. How original. Maybe he wanted to take a take at the typical love stories. Instead he ended up taking a take on himself?

Ok, here’s another hilarious touch to the film. The radio ka love guru’s continuous references to ‘sex’ as a solution for love. Funny na. No, ‘fugly’ na? Of course, sex is a 3 lettered word which gets children in giggles, so since we are 6 year old’s chewing popcorn watching the ‘con’, this is bound to be mightily funny for us. Please do not forget to laugh for courtesy’ sake..they have researched day and night on that one with the youth of India. Ah ah and the part where homosexual humour is used as a punch. I think everyone except KJo were straight….- faced then. That’s because he won’t have any face left na after the film bombs na. What? No…I didn’t mean that…tch. Though what is his obsession with SRK? He turned a charming Sameer Soni into a proxy Khan.

No complaints about the actors. They managed to make a copy paste film seem different.

The other good thing about the film is it works as a good food guide – with so many parties and watering holes and eating joints being thrown at our face. Enough to send Jughead in a tizzy.

Dialogues - Dev Anand’s film score more.

Music – appealing some places.

Direction – you cannot Cover your Ass by directing a bad script

In a nutshell this film can contest with RGV’s Aag or Mayawati’s bra-g to tell the junta –‘jaag’. We ‘hated’ his love story as much as Johar Jr hates good scripts. And then his unit makes a clown of itself. A bad clown which make people frown. Then when the box office crowns thorns, they will pout like a lunatic mahout. That wasn’t a joke now. Makes no sense? Exactly. You got the point.

PS: Didn’t i tell you? Of course, the girl’s name in the film is Simran.

Score: Negative.

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