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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


May 12

What I really like about Iron Man is its believable logic of superhuman tendencies - viz technology. And the way the world is turning towards a tech-era. it wont be long before the globe can use technology to run on its own axis!

IRONMAN With glam gizmos and holographical  calculations, Iron Man 2 is a perfect example of a neo-technological revolution which makes your fantasies run wild, but believable. Artificial intelligence combined with chemistry makes for perfect logic. Though the plot is outstretched and less gripping than its predecessor, it has evolved. Stark's character makes the film worthwhile. The awesome situation of the Grand Prix is a thriller, but that probably is the best part of it all. This one has too many little plots weaved in to create a climax - unlike part1 which focussed on that one big climax.

The role of IronMan as the hero was quite diminished as Stark got more limelight. His stakes in this film are minimal, except his Father's oracle of making everything possible using technology. The plot thins out otherwise. Dialogues are smirky. The action is decent, though less thrilling.

All in all, if you fancy the techno-hero, IronMan tops it all. The concept in itself is so powerful that a lesser plot might not do much damage. We all wait for Iron Man 3 now.


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