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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roaches, rodents and Writers

The only similarity these 3 creatures manifest is their nocturnality. I just coined this word dear reader. When a writer types furiously at a recently upgraded laptop in the dead of the night, she can almost coin anything. Including new countries.

So what is this fetish of a writer sitting up into the darker times of the day…probably trying to ‘feel’ like a real writer, or maybe just spinning the yawn- er the yarn…what gives? I for one really prefer the late night shifts when only the Air Conditioner whirs a whir. The little screaming autos, pompous trains and screeching brakes are enjoying eighty winks. The dog barks occasionally when it picks up a funny scent. The International flights roar into the almost black sky. Else everything is quiet enough to write out a book. Or watch a lot of porn. Or email people for work so when they hit their desks at 9 am, the ball is in their court, while you are resting your tired self.

It’s 2.56 am to be precise. Just staring now at my post. And wondering if I  need to relearn the art of writing…or upgrade myself…my writing seems neo-classical already? Ho-humish? To myself though.

So as I write, and try to focus hard, a dozen thoughts attack me….zanier than the scientists of baghdad. Who were they anyways? And a twitching noise gets me…I refuse to pay attention. But the noise gets weirder. Louder. And unnerves me. I look around. Under. Under the chair. The desk. ‘twitch twitch. Twitch Twitch.’ then a slight whisper…is it my imagination or is it for real? Is it because I am writing this or is it that someone ..something…

Anyways, i decide to continue to write. I am a writer after all. And words need to flow like the canary’s song. Smooth. And when they do, all I feel like doing is work the night away. Like all rodents and roaches.

(you know guys, I really got the goosebumps while writing the para before the last one…so i left it at there…i felt a spooky something around me….so no more horror stories at this time of the day. Nope.)

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