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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogvertising - Blogger Meet to Save Lives

I was invited a few weeks ago for a blogger meet for a stemcell banking launch. And i did go. I think its a nice way to engage the community communicators like us who share stuff they want to share. Without a bias or vested interest. So Here's to  all the women out there who can save their own lives in case they are unfortunate enough to contract a life-threatening disease like cancer.

Stemcell banking is the new trend which young parents are adopting for their new-born babies. And why not. It is the ultimate technology to safeguard their future. But what about us, adults, who lost that chance since this innovation did not exist then? Women, here's the good news then. If you are still in the 'menstruating' age group, you can bank your stemcells through your menstrual blood. Lisa Ray did it and she is is gradually getting back to her usual life. Or she already has. She looked pretty as a peach when she addressed us at the launch. Of course, the pain of those chemos would have been gruelling for her, keeping in mind her glamorous profession. But she was there, and she told us why stemcell banking made sense.

Lifecell's Stemcell banking with menstrual blood is something new they have developed. Once you register on their site, they send a collection kit to you at your adress, with a CD explaining the process. They even take back the collected samples from your doorstep, so you can complete the process yourself, at home. The collection process looks simple, but yes, you should be brave enough to try it. But once its over, your stemcells are locked and safe with them till you are about 60. And in case you get unlucky in health, the cells will rejuvenate you, all back to normal as before. So if you lose your eyesight, it might help you get it back. If you get cancer, it helps get you back to normal. If you lose a limb, it could help you regrow those. Its a miracle, Isn't it? No it's not. Its purely science with some brilliant outcome. With a price, of course. It could anything about Rs 45000 to Rs 75000 or so for life. Most stem cell banking companies have an EMI option to throw in. The price looks steep, but the practical benefits of any stemcell process is worth it. Maybe the prices might just see a revolution with the demand growing.
There are other options available in the market as well like the umbilical cord for kids. And for men, you might ask, who are not lucky enough to menstruate? (wonder why the word begins with 'men' then?)- for them, you have dental pulp stemcell banking as well. Apparently that option is not as effective. Poor guys!

So nett nett, getting periods is good news, says Lifecell. We all knew that however, just wondering why take such an indirect route to communicate the benefits of stemcell? The communication route seems to be a bit 'Whisper' or 'Stayfreee' like. Does not directly talk about stemcell and women, rather more on 'vaginal monologues'. Anyways, whatever the advertising, at least the product is worth the blood, women!

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